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Chapter 28: Truth: The Greatest Surgery

My people in Athens - Amrito, who had invited me to Greece, was there - they were trying hard, that at least for the night, I should be allowed to stay in a hotel. But they were not willing, even for six hours, to let me stay in a hotel. I had to leave immediately.

I used to think that England is a far more developed country.so I told my pilot, my jet plane was there, “It is better you leave Greece and we can rest at the London airport”.

But I was amazed that human stupidity is the same all over the world. The London port authorities would not allow me even to stay in the first class lounge at the airport for just six hours. The officer showed me the file saying that the parliament had decided that I cannot do anything there. They were afraid, that from Greece I might come to England, and their fear had proved right.

But I said, “I am not going into England. This is an international airport and from the lounge there is no way to enter England.” And the same charges were made: corrupting the youth, destroying the morality, the religion, the culture. I asked the officer, “You just think, how can I do this while I am asleep at the airport, just in six hours?” A culture that has been there for twenty-five centuries, a religion that has been there for twenty-five centuries, a morality that has been taught to every generation for twenty-five centuries - if it can be destroyed by a man within six hours sleeping at the airport, it is not worth much; it should be destroyed.

But I said, “My pilot cannot fly because he has run his whole time; now it will be illegal. You are forcing my pilot to go against the international flight laws.”

He said, “I am in a dilemma.” And he was continually going in the room and phoning the home minister, the prime minister asking, “What to do now?” And finally they decided that I could stay, but only in the jail for six hours, and in the morning I have to leave immediately.

I had a certain respect for England, it is an educated country with great universities like Oxford and Cambridge. But it seems man remains idiotic. No Oxford, no Cambridge can make any difference.

Truth has to be said.

Just the other day I received a letter from the German parliament. One year before they had passed an order that I cannot enter into Germany for the same reasons. Not only that, my airplane cannot land on any German airport for refueling. One sannyasin has appealed to the parliament appeals committee, saying, “Now one year has passed, and this ugly order should be canceled.”

That’s why I have received a letter again. A copy of the letter has been given to the sannyasin saying that this order cannot be canceled because this man is dangerous. They don’t mention what danger - just the same old crimes they had imposed on Socrates.

Almost twenty-one countries have decided that I cannot enter in their countries. And these are the most developed countries of the world.

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