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Chapter 10: Everybody Can Laugh

One of my friends is a lover of roses. He has a very big garden. Because he loves roses, in his garden there are only roses - no other flowers, no other plants. When I went to see his garden I told him, “This is not a garden, this looks like a field. Just as somebody grows wheat, you grow roses. But this is not a garden!”

He was a little bit shocked, but his manager understood it immediately. He said, “You are right; that’s my feeling too. For years we have forgotten about the garden. We are selling roses; we are treating roses as a crop.”

When you have only roses, the variety, the multidimensionality is lost. The world will be really very poor if you have only Mahaviras or only Christs, or only Buddhas or only Krishnas. Jesus is beautiful with his cross, but so many Jesuses all trying to hang themselves on their crosses won’t make a beautiful scene. It will be like a nightmare! Krishna is beautiful playing on his flute, but how many Krishnas can you allow.? If the whole world is playing the flute you will go mad!

I accept multidimensionality in every field of life.

You say: “There are so many religions in the world which cause so many divisions amongst people..” The divisions are not needed; that is human stupidity. If you love the rose, good; there is no question of fighting with you. I love the lotus and you love the rose, but we both are lovers of flowers. That’s the meeting point, that we both love flowers. You love Christ, that is one flower; I love Buddha, that is another flower; somebody else loves Lao Tzu, that is another flower. We are all friends because we love flowers. And I can appreciate your rose, you can appreciate my lotus. There is no need to create any divisions.

The divisions come from man’s political mind; it has nothing to do with religions. It is man’s politics that brings divisions, conflicts, quarrels, wars, bloodshed. The whole history of humanity is full of calamities created in the name of religion, but not created by religious people.

A Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Chuang Tzu - these are not the people who create trouble. It is the priests and the politicians. They are a totally different kind of person, a different species, but they hide behind masks. They hide behind religious doctrines, churches, and they start playing their games in a very subtle way. The manyness of religions is not bad, but divisions in the name of religion are ugly. That simply shows man is not religious yet.

You say that “Although all religions have good things in them..”

True, but they also have many bad things in them. Each religion has some good things and some bad things, and the problem is, those good things and those bad things are not separable; you cannot separate them. You cannot separate them. You cannot choose just the good and leave the bad; that’s impossible. If you choose the good, the bad comes in through the backdoor.

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