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Chapter 6: Devices to Transcend Dreaming

To give you the feeling that you are playing a role, to give you the feeling that this is only a predetermined pattern that you are fulfilling, to give you this feeling so that you can transcend it, this is the device. It is very difficult because we are so much accustomed to thinking of fate as a theory - not only as a theory, but as a law. We cannot understand this attitude of taking these laws and theories as devices.

I will explain this to you. One example will be helpful. I was in a city. One man came; he was a Mohammedan, but I didn’t know, I was not aware. And he was dressed so that he looked like a Hindu. He not only looked like a Hindu, but he talked as if he was of the Hindu type. He was not a Mohammedan type.

He asked me one question. He said, “Mohammedans and Christians say that there is only one life. Hindus, Buddhists and Jainas say there are many lives - a long sequence of lives, so that unless one is liberated one goes on and on being reborn again and again. So what do you say? If Jesus was an enlightened man, he must have known. Or Mohammed, or Moses, they must have known too if they were enlightened men that there are many lives and not just one. And if you say that they are right, then what about Mahavira, Krishna, Buddha and Shankara? One thing is certain, that they cannot all be enlightened.

“If Christianity is right then Buddha is wrong, then Krishna is wrong, then Mahavira is wrong. And if Mahavira, Krishna and Buddha are right, then Mohammed, Jesus and Moses are wrong. So tell me. I am very much puzzled; I am in a mess, confused. And both cannot be right. How can both be right? Either there are many lives or there is one. How can both be right?” He was a very intelligent man, and he had studied many things, so he said, “You cannot just escape and say that both are right. Both cannot be right. It is logically so - both cannot be right.”

But I said, “This need not be; your approach is absolutely wrong. Both are devices. Neither is right, neither is wrong - both are devices.” It became impossible for him to understand what I meant by a device.

Mohammed, Jesus and Moses, they were talking to one type of mind, and Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, they were talking to a very different type of mind. There are really two source religions - the Hindu and the Jewish. So all the religions born out of India, all the religions born out of Hinduism believe in rebirth, in many births; and all the religions born out of Jewish thinking - Mohammedanism, Christianity - they believe in one life. These are two devices.

Try to understand it. Because our minds are fixed, we take things as theories, not as devices. So many times people come to me and say, “One day you said this is right, and another day you said that is right, and both cannot be right.” Of course both cannot be right, but no one is saying that both are right. I am not concerned at all with which is right and which is wrong. I am only concerned with which device works.