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Chapter 35: Existence Is Only in the Present

To ask people to be celibate is to drive them to perversions, to make them homosexuals, lesbians, to drive them towards sodomy and all kinds of unnatural expressions of their sexual energy. And the pervert can never feel at ease with himself. He knows deep down he is doing something which is not right. What is right, the religion does not allow. What is not right makes him feel guilty. He is being crushed between two rocks.

Religions have been killing human beings - their naturalness, their consciousness, their innocence. All the religions praise fasting. Your body is hungry, your body gives you indications that it is hungry. Your stomach shouts loudly to you, “I am hungry!” But your religion says fasting is spiritual.

This is making people schizophrenic, divided against themselves, and a house that is divided against itself cannot stand long; it is going to be in ruins soon. And that’s what has happened to humanity: all human beings are not what they would have been, they are just ruins. In a very subtle and psychological way they have been deprived of their own nature. That’s why old religions have not been able to transform humanity. On the contrary, they have been the hindrance for any transformation.

I am telling you to be natural. When you are hungry you should eat, and when you are not hungry you should not eat. One extreme creates another extreme. Hungry people go on remaining hungry and torturing their bodies - this is one extreme. Then the other extreme is thirty million Americans are dying of over-eating; everybody is dieting. Either you are fasting or you are dieting? It seems a crazy world! Why can’t you simply be balanced? When your body says, “I am hungry,” you are fasting. When your body says, “It is enough,” you go on swallowing because it is so tasty - how to stop?

The body always gives you the right indication in the right moment. If you just listen to the wisdom of the body, all your wise men will look fools. Your body has its own wisdom. Rather than looking in The Holy Bible, or in the holy Koran, or in the holy Gita, you should listen to your own body. When it is thirsty, it says; when it needs rest, it says. When it is rested, it wants some exercise, it wants to run, to play, to swim, to go for a long walk.

But you are not listening to the body because your religions have said that the body is your enemy. Once you accept the idea that the body is your enemy, naturally you are not going to listen to the enemy. And who is the friend? - the priest, the prophet, the savior, the messenger, who are all somehow crackpots. If you look into their lives without any prejudice you can see the cracks in the pot.

Mohammed declares himself to be the last messenger of God. Why the last? The world continues - has God lost interest in the world? No, he has sent the final message. Mohammed is uneducated; he cannot write, he cannot sign his name. So whatever he says is just as a villager. But he declares that he is the last messenger; now there will not be any other messenger of God coming - and if anybody tries to be a pretender, he has to be punished. And Mohammedans have killed many people in fourteen centuries who have claimed that they were messengers of God..

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