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Chapter 13: Of Course the Grass Grows by Itself

Being here with me he has no courage, no guts to be a sannyasin, but he goes to Ajmer to pay his respects to somebody who was alive a few hundred years ago. And I know perfectly well that if Muhinuddin Chisti was alive today, Ajai Krishna Lakanpal would not go there at all. And even if he did go there he would ask about the Kaaba, Bodhgaya, the graves of Buddha, Mahavira, Christ.. Asking about the graves of other enlightened people is such a stupidity, but it looks as if you are asking a religious question.

Being here with me, if you cannot risk then of course you have to go and worship graves. And if you cannot feel the energy here, where else can you feel the energy? All that energy is your projection and nothing else. I am not saying that there is not any energy, but that energy can only be felt by those who have felt it with someone who is still alive. If you can feel the energy here, if you can get in harmony with this energy, you may be able to feel it at the dargah of Muhinuddin Chisti in Ajmer. But if you cannot feel it here, you cannot feel it there - that is impossible. If you cannot see God in man how can you see God in a rock? First you have to see God in man; only then will your insight deepen and will you be able to see God in the rock too.

First you have to be in contact with a living religiousness, then all religions become true in a new sense; otherwise they are just corpses. But they are comfortable - you can go and offer flowers and you can bow down, and the grave cannot do anything to you! You can come back with good feelings, that you have done something great, and you are the same old fool - nothing has happened to you. At the most you are a little more foolish than you were before, because now you are a religious fool. Before you were just an ordinary fool; now you have some pretensions of religion too. Now you will come home with that haughty feeling of holier-than-thou - just by going to a grave! And let me remind you, I am not saying that those graves have nothing; they have much, but only for those who have eyes. If you cannot see it in a living Sufi, in a living master, you are blind, you cannot see it in a grave at all.

But graves are good, because you are also dead and there is a certain adjustment. You are dead, the grave is dead; it feels very good - in the right company. You are a ghost and you would like very much to live with the ghosts.

You ask me: “People of almost all the religions try to convince other people to follow their respective religions. Why so?” That’s a significant thing to ask. You may be surprised: they are not really trying to convince others; by convincing others they are trying to convince themselves that “We are not wrong.” When they are able to convince somebody, again they feel at ease: “My religion is right, I am not wrong. Look, even somebody who never belonged to my religion is convinced.” Christians go on converting people all over the world. The only reason is that they are not convinced of Christ yet.

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