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Chapter 3: In the Search Is the Ego

She said, “Everything is explained in it, and if you are interested the phone number is given.”

Going to the university, just driving, I looked at the pamphlet: a beautiful house by the side of a mountain river, great tall trees, and a question: “Do you want this house?”

I thought, “In this city at least there is no such house; perhaps I don’t know it? If it is available it is worth looking into the details.”

I turned the page and inside the details were given: “If you become a follower of Jesus Christ, in the kingdom of God you will have even better houses than the one you have just seen on the other side of the page.”

When a poor man creates a religion it is bound to be full of your desires, your greed, your lust, and a promise that everything will be fulfilled. When a rich man creates a religion his religion is going to be a purity, a silence, a beautiful space. But you are one with that beautiful space, not separate.

Looking at the religions, their holy books, you can decide whether those holy books came from poor people or from people who have known riches. And remember one thing, the poor man’s paradise is just a projection. That’s why all the religions that have been created outside India - just by coincidence - don’t have the quality, the superiority, the grandeur that Indian religions have.

But India is no longer rich. Those religions were created some seven thousand years ago, some five thousand years ago, some twenty-five centuries ago. Today even the Indian masses have turned to Christianity - Christianity is now the third greatest religion in India. They have turned to Mohammedanism, which is now the second greatest religion in India. Hinduism goes on shrinking, and more and more people go on turning towards Christianity, Mohammedanism, because more and more people are poor. And Hinduism has nothing to offer to the poor people.

They are not interested in nirvana, they are not interested in meditation, they are not interested in their inner being. You can see it here. If anybody descends from Mars and looks at this commune he will not be able to think that this commune exists in India. How many Indians are here?

The religion that I am providing for you is the highest possible. It is not for those who are seeking employment, not for those who are hungry, starving. It needs intelligence to understand me. It needs a kind of frustration with the world - the kind of experience where you feel that all that this world provides is meaningless, that it leads nowhere, that it is sheer wastage of life. Something more is needed - something that money cannot purchase, something that science cannot produce, something that is not available in the market, something that you have to find within yourself.

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