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Chapter 2: Sowing the Seed

You are not to be dominated either by intellect or by the heart; your consciousness should flow like a river between these two banks. If you become the Ganges, then the sea is not very far away. But don’t insist on flowing with the support of one bank only, because the support of both the banks is needed. In the end both the banks will be given up, but this end is possible only through that support. In the ultimate condition, in the ultimate realization, there is neither devotion nor knowledge. When a river flows into the sea then both banks disappear and the river becomes the sea.

Therefore, there are three types of people in this world. The first are the mind-dominated people - philosophers, metaphysicians. They go on thinking and arguing, but reach nowhere. Their life is full of the dry sand of logic.

The second type are the heart-dominated people. They sing and dance a lot, but their singing and dancing is without any understanding or discretion. They are not doing so out of freedom - it is a sort of madness or intoxication. Heart is like an intoxication for those who don’t have awareness or discretion.

The third type are those who have made full use of mind and heart and have gone beyond both. Your aim should be the third. You must desire, you must aspire for this great transcendence.

Ultimately the Ganges has to leave both the banks and flow into the sea. But don’t hurry, you have to reach the sea with the support of the two banks, and you can give up the banks as soon as you reach there.

The second question:

Religions try to make us disinterested in worldly happiness by saying that it is temporary and transient. But is not this very transience the cause of its attraction?

Certainly it is so. Transience is the cause of attraction. And religions don’t create nonattachment by saying that life is transient. Religions say that whatever is transient will be followed by misery. Transience is not the cause of nonattachment: misery follows transience like a shadow - the cause of nonattachment is misery. It is transience which attracts and invites.

As life passes, the mind says, “Enjoy it as much as possible, it may be over at any moment. No one knows when you will die, so make the best use of every minute by enjoying it. Live as intensely as possible - not a moment is to remain empty. Suck it in; enjoy every moment’s possibilities.”

Yes, transience is the attraction. Death is approaching, so we hold on to life. If death were not approaching then nobody would have held on to life. Nobody would have worried if happiness came and never disappeared.

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