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Chapter 16: Helplessness: Another Name of Let-Go

Except these two times, no prayer has ever been heard. And the fact is, in both these cases it is just a belief. The post office people collected the money, it was not God. And it is not God that has taken away the migraine of poor Maneesha. It comes every month to her. It is not in the hands of any God to change it - otherwise no woman would have any periodical troubles, stomach aches, headaches, migraine. Vimal has not been heard by God, it is just coincidence that it was the last day of her period.

So don’t feel too proud, feel humble. Don’t think that you have a direct relationship with God, that your prayers have started being heard.

There is no God, but people are so helpless.

I don’t agree with anything in Karl Marx’s philosophy except one point, where he says that the religion is the opium of the poor people. He is saying that God, religion and all its theological tenets are to help the poor to be patient, to help the poor believe that “Your poverty has also a meaning. You will be the only ones who will be received in God’s paradise, with all the joys and pleasures which are available to the rich people.”

And Jesus’ statement is very significant when he says, “A camel can pass through the eye of a needle, but the rich man cannot pass through the gates of heaven.”

And as far as I know, only rich people can enter anywhere! If the camel is rich, even he can enter the eye of a needle - he can make a very big needle. The question is, do you have money? Even Saint Peter, waiting there before the gates of paradise, first will ask, “Have you got some present for me? If not, just go to the other gate.” That seems to be more logical, more existential, based on sheer experience.

But poor men for thousands of years have been told, “Your poverty is a fire test of your trust.”

This is a great deception. The priests and the popes have been the greatest con men. Because of them the world remains poor; because of them people don’t learn to stand on their own feet; because of them people don’t learn how to enjoy the freedom that a godless world provides for you.

A world with God simply means Adolf Hitler with a loaded gun - or Ronald Reagan, names don’t matter, but somebody is there with a loaded gun forcing you to do things which you don’t want to do, and not to do things which you always wanted to do.

What have all the churches and the scriptures and the religions been doing except forcing people to do things they don’t have any desire to do? And forcing them to stop doing things which are very natural, and they want with their whole heart to move in those directions.

All religions are against nature.

It is very strange. God created the world, according to these religions, and all these religions are against nature. And God created nature - the conclusion is clear, that all religions are against God.

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