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Chapter 7: Intelligence: Discovery of Your Innermost Nature

An old lady went into the optician’s and said, “I need a new pair of glasses.”

The optician replied, “I knew that as soon as you walked through the window.”

This is the world you are living in!

The teacher adjusts to you. With the master it is going to be just the opposite - you have to adjust to the master. And of course you are millions and a buddha is always alone. The majority belongs to you; you have all the power. Of course your power is very gross - you can crucify Jesus but you cannot kill his spirit, you can poison Socrates but you cannot poison his message.

In the last moments when Socrates was dying - he had been poisoned - a disciple, Crito, asked him, “Master, please give us instructions for what we have to do with your body. Would you like it to be buried or to be burnt? What kind of ritual.? Because you have been such a rare man - you don’t belong to the establishment, you don’t belong to any tradition so we don’t know what we have to do with your body when you are gone.”

Socrates opened his eyes. With his last energy leaving him, he still laughed and said, “The people who are against me think that they are killing me - and you who are my disciples are worried about whether to burn me or to bury me under the ground or to throw me into the ocean! The enemies are killing me and the friends are trying to find a way to dispose of me. But I tell you, Crito, that when all the friends and all the enemies are forgotten, I will be here and my message will be here and my truth will be here.”

“And remember,” he said, “your name will be remembered only because I have used it, otherwise nobody will remember your name.”

And certainly Crito’s name is only remembered after twenty-five centuries - this morning I am remembering Crito! - because Socrates mentioned his name, otherwise there is nothing else in Crito to remember.

You have to adjust to the master, the master cannot adjust to you. Hence only very courageous people can walk with the awakened ones.

You ask me: “But why aren’t other enlightened beings like you, so full of love and compassion?” Do you think there are many, many enlightened people on the earth? It is a very rare phenomenon. Yes, there are teachers, many - of many brands, with many trademarks, belonging to different traditions, different religions. There are three hundred religions on the earth and at least three thousand sects and cults belonging to those three hundred religions, and every cult and sect has hundreds of teachers, but it is very rare to find an enlightened being.

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