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Chapter 4: Education and Religion

There was a fakir who was very alone. He saw God in his dream and found that he was even more alone. The fakir was puzzled and asked God, “Why are you also so alone? You have many devotees where are they?”

On hearing this, God said, “I have always been alone, and hence only those who become absolutely alone are able to experience me. As for the second query, the so-called devotees and religious people have never been with me. Somebody is with Rama, somebody is with Krishna and somebody is with Mohammed or Mahavira. None of them is with me I am always alone. And, therefore, one who is not with anyone and is all alone, is with me.”

Shaken, the fakir awoke from the dream in the middle of the night and came running to me. He woke me and asked, “What is the meaning of such a dream?”

I said, “If it was a dream, I would have found some meaning, but this was the truth. Is it necessary to find the meaning of truth? Open your eyes and see. Those who are Hindus, Mohammedans, Buddhists or Christians because of an inherited religion are not religious. Religion can only be one. The boundaries created by man are not true for a religious mind. How can there be any cult, any scripture or any group, in experiencing truth? Where can there be a boundary for the boundless? How can there be a principle for the wordless? Where can you find a temple or a mosque in the void? What remains ultimately is God.”

Before I tell you anything about education and religion, it is necessary to tell you that by religion I don’t mean religions. To be religious is very different from being a Hindu or a Mohammedan. To follow any cult is not to be religious at all. On the contrary, that is the biggest obstacle to being religious. As long as somebody is a Hindu or a Mohammedan, it is not possible for him to be religious.

All those who are thinking about education and religion, and want to connect religion with education to them religion means Hindu, Mohammedan or Christian. Such religious teaching will not only not bring religiousness, but will make a man more irreligious. For five thousand years such education has been given, but it has not been able to create a better man or a better society. But more bloodshed, violence and irreligiousness has happened in the name of Hinduism, Mohammedanism or Christianity than anything else.

It is very surprising to find that the atheists, who do not believe in any religion, have not been responsible for such ugly crimes. Great crimes are committed by theists. Atheists have neither burned any temples nor have killed people; it is theists who have killed people. It is only theists who have divided man from man. Those who think themselves religious have created walls between one man and another. Words, doctrines and scriptures have made one man an enemy of another. Cults and “isms” have dug insurmountable ditches and imprisoned humanity in small, self-created islands.

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