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Chapter 29: Within Your Own Self

But that distinction, between the teacher and the master, is Eastern. The West is unaware. The West thinks the teacher and the master are synonymous: they are not. In fact, the more you are full of borrowed teachings, the less is the possibility of your ever becoming a master. That’s why it is very rare to find a knowledgeable man who has depth, whose very gestures speak, whose very silence is a message, whose very presence reaches into your being just like an arrow.

The master is the most precious miracle in the world, because he can become the door to millions toward the divine. The teacher is simply carrying a load which is not his own, and throwing it into other people’s minds - it is just his profession. But as far as the master is concerned, it is his very life.

Just this evening, Nirvano was asking me, “You have been harassed and tortured all your life. Why don’t you stop speaking?” I can understand - when I am harassed and tortured. And it has been going on continually for years. Just today I have received a summons. Somebody in Kanpur has filed a case against me; his religious feelings are hurt. It seems to be the strangest religious feeling - seems to be so weak.

In India we have a very beautiful plant with very small leaves, but which is a real coward - its name is chhuimui - because if you touch it, all the leaves immediately close; you touch one leaf and all the leaves of the bush immediately start closing up. I have never come across another plant who is so cowardly. These so-called religious people are just chhuimui.

If your religion is so weak that any argument against it hurts you, then it is not worth remaining in that religion. Change the religion: it is your sickness, it is your weakness, it is your impotence. Whatever I am saying - if you are just a little bit intelligent, either agree with me or disagree with me, but why should you get hurt and run immediately to the court?

I have been asked by my friends, disciples, thousands of times, “Why do you unnecessarily get into trouble?”

I am not a teacher - it is not my profession. I am a master - it is my very soul. And if I stop speaking the truth, it will be committing suicide. What will be the point for me of living any more, even for a single second? Because as far as I am concerned I am fulfilled; I am not living for myself. And I was surprised that since I have started living for those who are thirsty for truth, who are thirsty for love, I have found a life that is not mine; now it belongs to existence.

In fact, I am receiving all these summons on behalf of God, because these idiots cannot find God and his address - only I am left. But it does not disturb me; it simply makes me feel sad and compassionate for these people, because they think they are religious. They don’t know even the ABC of religion. If somebody is hurt in Kanpur, rather than going to the court he should come here, he should expose his wound that has been hurt. And the way I know how to hurt people, I know how to heal.

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