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Chapter 3: In Accord with the Way

If you have learned all the lessons of life and the lesson of being a human being, then only will you become capable of moving into the very center of life. Then you will be able to know what “God” is, or what nirvana is.

All through these games you have been trying to approach God - through many directions, in many ways, in many perceptivities. But the goal is the same - that everybody is trying to know what the truth is. What is the mystery of this life? Why are we here and who am I? And what is this that goes on existing?

There is only one way to learn it, and that is the way of existence. But if you just move from one class to another like a sleepwalker, a somnambulist, unconscious, dragged from one class to another, not moving deliberately and consciously, you will miss.

That’s how many people arrive at the point of being human beings and they cannot see any “God.” That simply shows they have missed the lessons, they avoided the lessons. They were in the classes but they have not got the point. Otherwise every person who has arrived at the stage of being human must be religious.

Being human and being religious must become synonymous. They are not synonymous. Very rarely a few people are religious. By religious I don’t mean a person who goes to the church every Sunday. By religious I don’t mean a person who is Christian, Mohammedan, Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist. By religious I don’t mean that you belong to a religious organization.

When I say religious, I mean a person who is aware that life is so full of transcendence.that from everywhere life is overflowing into something bigger than life.that every step is leading you towards “God,” truth, nirvana, freedom.that whether you know it or not, you are moving towards the ultimate temple.

When a person starts feeling it in his very guts, then a person is religious. He may go to the church, he may not go to the church; that is irrelevant. He may call himself a Christian or a Mohammedan or a Hindu; that is irrelevant. He may not call. He may belong to any organization, he may not belong - but he belongs to God.

And when I say God, remember that by “God” I mean that which transcends. That is always ahead of you. You are always coming closer to it, approaching closer and closer and closer, but it always remains ahead of you.

God is that omega point which always remains the goal. You come close to it but you can never possess it. It cannot be ever in your hands. You can drop yourself completely in it, you can merge yourself in it, but still you will know that much remains to be known. In fact the more you know, the more you feel that much remains to be known. The more you know, the more you become humble. The mystery, infinite, ineffable, cannot be exhausted.

That inexhaustible source, that transcendental source, is what I mean by “God.” And by calling a person religious, I mean one who has become alert about the transcendental.

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