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Chapter 28: Science plus Religion: The Dynamic Formula for the Future

Let me repeat: except for the religious man, every direction in life is in some way obsessional. The religious man is not moving in any direction, he is simply sitting in himself, just being himself, not going anywhere. He has no goal, no target.

He simply is, and in his is-ness there is no possibility of any obsession. He is the only really healthy and whole person. Everybody else is sick - in different ways, but sick all the same.

And I call the whole man the holy man.

Yes, once in a while these people have existed, but one person in centuries is not much help. It is just dropping a teaspoonful of sugar in the ocean to make it sweet. Obviously you simply lose the one teaspoonful of sugar which might have been used in a cup of tea. Make a cup of tea, that is understandable, but don’t try to make the ocean sweet. The ocean is too big. For the ocean you will need oceanic methods.

My basic effort is to create communes - rather than the religious man, religious communes.

Religious men have existed but they have not been of much help. Yes, to themselves - they arrived home - but the whole of humanity is still wandering in darkness.

I want religious communes all over the world. Slowly, slowly in every city, create a religious commune. Many religious people together may perhaps be able to transform the face of the earth and to create a new world, which is urgently needed.

If we miss twenty years more then there is no hope, because the other side is coming to a climax. The mad side of man - the politician, the priest - is coming to a climax where the only conclusion is war.

And this war means total annihilation of all life from the earth, which will be the most idiotic thing to do.