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Chapter 10: You Are a Mystery

Remember that the very desire for power is an ugly desire. It makes you ugly. In a religious consciousness there is no desire to have any power over anybody. That brings beauty, that brings not only freedom to you, but freedom for others too.

The politician is interested in the ordinary world; the religious person is interested not in the ordinary world, but the extraordinary that is hidden in the ordinary. The religious person is searching for the invisible in the visible, for the soul in the body, for God in matter. Their searches are different, utterly different.

A poet can be religious. A religious person can be a poet. But a religious person cannot be political, and a political person cannot be religious - they exclude each other. And if by chance somebody is really religious and is in politics, he will never succeed. He will be a failure - an utter failure; you will never hear of him. Only people who are cunning succeed in politics. People who can cheat, and can cheat with smiles on their faces, people who can kill, and kill “for your own sake,” people who can kill, exploit and still can manage to prove that they are serving their people - they succeed.

The last question:

What is presence of mind?

This story:

A woman was driving her car at about sixty miles an hour in a built-up area when she noticed in her rear-view mirror that a motor-cycle policeman was following her. Instead of slowing down, she thought that she could shake him off by increasing her speed to seventy miles an hour.

Looking through her mirror again, she saw that there were now two motor-cycle policemen following her. She stepped up her speed to eighty miles an hour and, when she looked again, there were three policemen on her tail.

Suddenly she saw a garage up ahead and, pulling into it. she got out and dashed into the ladies’ toilet. Ten minutes later she ventured out, and there were the three policemen waiting for her. Without batting an eyelash, she said coyly, “I’ll bet you thought I wouldn’t make it.”

Enough for today.