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Chapter 5: Such Is the Depth of Its Meaning

Next day he came to see me and he said, “The doctor says that I will have to give up half my sexual life.”

I was surprised, so I said, “What have you decided?”

He said, “Yes, I have to follow his advice.”

Then I asked him, “Which half - talking or thinking?”.because I knew the man: he had no sexual life, but he talked about it and thought about it. There are people who have no religious life. They talk about it and they think about it, but they have no religious life; but if you listen to their talk you may feel that they are religious. Religion is not something concerned with thinking and talking - religion is something concerned with living. Either you live it or you don’t live it. It is a way of life, not a philosophy; not theories about great matters, but a deep relatedness with whatsoever life means.

Just watch your mind, how it exploits opportunities when you could have become religious. You see a flower and you start thinking about it, you start talking about it - you don’t live the moment. The flower is there opening its petals - a tremendously beautiful phenomenon, a miracle.

Scientists say that life is a miracle; there is no reason for it, why it should be. On millions and millions of planets and stars, only on this small tiny earth, and that, too, only for a few thousand years, life has existed. Nobody knows why, nobody knows how long it will exist, nobody knows the goal, the destiny of it, the source. Scientists, at the most, say that this is simply a miracle, seems to be just an accident. Nothing can be said. A flower is a miracle because a flower is alive. In this dead universe - millions of planets, millions of stars, just rocks and rocks and rocks, infinitely rocky - a small seed has become a plant and the plant is celebrating. A flower has come up and you simply start thinking, talking about it; you say, “How beautiful!” and you miss the beauty, because if it is really beautiful you will become silent. Whenever something tremendous is encountered you are in such a mysterious amazement, you are in such wonder, how can you talk? Talking is profane. In that moment, talking is just foolish - you are missing.

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