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Chapter 9: Belief Is a Dead End

That’s why I used that word: that all religions have failed; Rajneeshism is the first and the last religion. And I meant really the new kind of religiousness. All old kinds have failed.

But in these three and half years silence, Sheela managed to create it in a more organized, fascist fashion: a religion, a hierarchy.

She corrupted your ideas?

She corrupted my ideas, certainly. And she became the high priestess.

As I started speaking again, she became very much afraid and very much sad because I declared that this is not any organized religion and this is not going to be just like Christianity, having popes representing Jesus and Jesus representing God. All that nonsense is not going to be repeated here.

Before I leave my body, I will destroy every possibility that can give an opportunity to another Sheela to make a religiousness, a freedom, into an imprisonment.

That’s why I have chosen this moment. She has fled from here out of fear, and whatsoever she has done in three and half years, I have to undo it.

And removing the religion will undo it?

Yes. Yes.

Will there be substantial changes here as a result of it? Or is this merely a semantics game too? As you said, language is a problem.

No, everything. And now I am going to fight against INS also. They will have to create a new category. Man is not for law, law is for man. And if we are creating a new kind of religiousness, then they have to create a new category. Otherwise we will fight up to the Supreme Court.

[interruption to change film]

Do you really feel comfortable with this temperature?

I am comfortable.

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