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Chapter 10: 'The Death of Religion: A Great Historical Event

Certainly one who reaches to this peak he will have many qualities. Religiousness will be one of those qualities. So you will not be a religion, but you will have a quality of religiousness. What do I mean by religiousness? A gratitude to existence, a love affair with the flowers, with the birds on the wing, with the sunrise, with the sunset, with the trees, with animals, with people. This love affair I call religiousness. From this day you should not think in terms of being a religion, but in terms of being religious: a quality of love, gratitude, a sensitivity for beauty, for music, for poetry and all that makes you ecstatic. The dance comes on its own, the song arises on its own and it is an individual approach.

You are not to follow somebody else’s footsteps, because you are not going outside, you are going inside yourself, where you will not find any footsteps, because nobody can enter in your interiority, in your subjectivity.

Do this because just my silence and isolation gave Anand Sheela and her fascist gang to exploit you. I am going to destroy everything so history never repeats again. I will not be always with you - one day I will have to go. Before that I want to destroy every possibility. I don’t want any popes behind me, any high priestess, any Ayatollah Khomeini. No, I want to leave you alone, so content and fulfilled that you don’t need anybody between you and the truth of existence.

Hence I have withdrawn red cloths. Now all the colors of rainbow are your colors. You can use any color, so you can mix with the wider humanity more easily. And when there are so many colors, why get addicted to one color? But if you love it and if you want to keep it, it is up to you. It is your freedom. You need not wear mala with my picture in the locket, no. You have to go inwards, the mala will be left out. Somebody may steal it, damage it, there is no need of it.

But, it is up to you. I don’t want to enforce anything on anybody. You can use mala if you like, if you can use whenever you like, you can stop using whenever you like. The only thing that you have to remember is don’t forget that life comes to its fulfillment only when you have reached to your innermost center. That is the only truth. Everything else is nonessential. The only essential thing is to realize your being, your silence, your reality. And for that no belief is needed.

Sheela has created a hostility. That’s a simple methodology of all fascist minded people. Create hostility in the neighbors, that makes you dependent on the leaders, because you are afraid. The leaders promise you they will protect you against the enemies. This becomes a great opportunity for them. Now we have to drop all hostility completely. Nobody is our enemy, we are not against anybody and anything that Sheela has done in three and half years, we have to undo it.

City of Rajneesh has to become again Antelope. I have advised the council that, “Please change that name.” Antelope was perfectly beautiful name, and why hurt people who had lived there for generations? And I have offered to Oregonians that if they want they can purchase all the properties belonging to sannyasins and we will vacate Antelope completely, because we have enough land here, three times bigger than New York. So what do we need poor Antelope for?

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