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Chapter 5: God Is Your Insecurity

Sekito wrote:
The mind of the great sage of India was intimately communicated from India to China. In human beings there are wise men and fools, but on the way there is no northern or southern teacher. The mysterious source is clear and bright, the branching streams flow through the darkness.
To be attached to the relative, this is illusion, but to take to oneself the absolute is not enlightenment.
Each and all the elements of the subjective and objective spheres are related, and at the same time independent; related, yet working differently, though each keeps its own place.
Form makes the character and appearance different; sound, taste, smell, distinguish comfort and discomfort.
The dark makes all things one; the brightness makes all things different.
The four elements return to their nature as a child to its mother.
Fire is hot, wind moves, water is wet, earth hard. Eyes see, ears hear, the nose smells, the tongue tastes - one salt, another sour.
Each is independent of the other, but the different leaves come from the same root.

Friends, first the questions. The first question:

Could one summarize the difference between a God-oriented religion and the quality of religiousness as the difference between a judge external to us, a projected conscience, and a witness within our consciousness?

The difference between God-oriented religions and the religions without God is immense. The God-oriented religions are simply fiction. Lies told again and again and again almost start appearing to be true. God as the ultimate lie creates many lies around itself, because no lie can stand alone. Because no lie is self-evident, it needs other lies to support it; hence, all God-oriented religions have created many lies to support God.

Truth can stand on its own legs, but not a lie. Truth needs no argument, but not a lie; a lie needs many arguments, many fabricated proofs, many imaginary evidences. Truth is utterly naked - either you know it or you don’t.

God-oriented religions are a disease of the soul, a sickness of the mind, because God is only your fear, your dread, your anxiety, your insecurity. And then comes prayer, and then comes the priest, and then comes the organized religion, the church. True religiousness cannot be God-oriented. True religiousness is your own interiority, your own inner space.

You can see the differences between these two kinds of people. Those who follow the God-oriented religions don’t show any compassion, don’t show any ecstasy, don’t show any blissfulness. On the contrary, they are very violent, they are very against freedom. They are in constant fear that somebody will object to their lies and they will not be able to answer, because all that they have is only a belief system.

A belief system can only help you to forget your ignorance, it does not destroy it. So the God-oriented man lives in ignorance and believes that he knows. Just mere words, theories, hypotheses, are not going to change your character. They can at the most make you a hypocrite. They can give you a beautiful mask but not the original face. They can create a very convenient personality, but they cannot create or discover your beautiful individuality. And the personality, however convenient, is a heavy weight on your chest, on your heart, because you are living a lie. Nobody can feel at ease when he is living a lie.

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