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Chapter 25: Religions, like Diseases, Are Many: Truth, like Health, Is One

Mohammedans have been trying to make the whole world Mohammedan so there would be one religion. Christians have been trying to turn the whole world Christian so there would be only one religion. All these people have been trying to have one religion for the whole humanity.

No, even to support that idea is dangerous because that simply means, destroy others. But who are we? If somebody wants to remain a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian, then it is his choice. It is nobody else’s business. Religion is a private concern, a personal concern. You like a certain flower, and I don’t like it, but that does not men that we are enemies.

No, there is no need of one religion.

But there can be one religiousness.

People can belong to different kinds of religions but still they can carry the same quality of religiousness. Then there is no problem about whether they go to the church or to the synagogue or to the temple, or nowhere. They may not go anywhere their own house is a temple.

It is possible - not only possible, it should be made actual - that there could be one religiousness in the whole humanity, but that religiousness can take as many forms as possible. I love a world full of variety, full of colors, full of different perfumes. There is no need to regiment the whole humanity into one pattern, into one model. That will be ugly. That will not make man rich, it will make man utterly poor.

So it is a little complicated. But you have to understand me.

I accept as many religions as possible. In fact I would like every individual to have his own religion - as many religions as there are individuals in the world, but all having the same quality of religiousness. Millions of lovers can be there but the quality of love is the same; millions of intelligent people are there, but the quality of intelligence is the same.

Light your inner being and your life will start spreading vibrations which are exactly the same; in whomsoever that enlightening happens, the same vibration will arise. And you will easily be able to recognize people - whatever their color, whatever their language, whatever their country, you will be able to recognize immediately that that man’s house is lighted.

You can see it even from the outside; even from the windows, the light shows that the inside is lighted. You need not even go inside the house. The house can have any shape, any color, any paint, any architecture - it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the windows are showing the light or not, whether your eyes are full of light or not, whether your being radiates religiousness or not.