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Chapter 1: Kundalini: The Sleeping Serpent

And now remember this last instruction: don’t grumble, don’t complain about anything. Stop complaining for three days. Don’t grumble if the food is bad. Don’t grouch if mosquitoes bite you at night. For three days let there be total acceptance of everything that may happen. Mosquitoes will of course gain something, but you will gain more, much more. If the food is not right it will harm your body a little, but it will harm you a lot if you grumble about it. And there are reasons for it: a complaining mind is never at peace. Our complaints are petty, but what we lose is much. So don’t grumble; for three days be clear that you will not grumble at all. What is, is. Howsoever it is, is. Accept it absolutely. Then these three days will be wonderful. If for these three days you stay above petty matters, if you accept everything as it is and delight in it, then you will cease to have any complaints for the rest of your lives, because then you will know how peaceful and joyous it is to live without a grudge.

For three days give up all petty matters.

If you have any questions you can bring them tomorrow morning. And when you ask a question, remember that it is something of common interest. You can ask anything that comes from your heart and mind, and that you think to be necessary.

I told you why I am here. I don’t know why you are here, but I will meet you tomorrow morning in the hope that you are here for the same reasons as I am. Ordinarily our habits are very ugly. Even when a buddha appears at our door we feel like telling him to go away, because we assume that everyone comes asking for something. So we forget, and when someone comes to give we tell him too to go away. Thus a grave mistake is made. A grave mistake indeed! I hope that you will not make the same mistake.

These three days you have to create a milieu here so that something real can happen. It is possible, and it depends on each one of you to create such a milieu. In three days this entire forest of pines can be charged with mysterious energies. All the trees, every grain of sand, the ocean and the air, can be filled with a new life force. And all of us can cooperate in its creation.

And remember, nobody should put obstructions in its way. No one who is here should be just an onlooker. And drop all fear of what others will say. Then alone can we reach to the truth. Then you will not have to repeat Kabir’s words, and you can say, “I did not fear and I took a jump.”

I am grateful to you for having heard me silently and with such love. I bow down to the godliness dwelling in each one of you. Please accept my salutation.