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Chapter 13: Raise No Dust, Leave No Tracks

He went home, cut off his ear and presented it to the woman. She could not believe it! He brought the ear with the blood flowing and he said, “You like it, so now it belongs to you.”

But an ear cut out of the body is no longer beautiful - even the most beautiful ear will become ugly.

Take things out of their context and they lose all meaning, they lose all beauty, they lose all truth. Truth is with the whole, so is beauty, so is goodness. This is the first thing to be understood about Tao - it is a vision of the whole.

And the whole has not to be put together.this is the second thing to remember. There have been people who try to put the whole together. For example, Freud’s psychoanalysis tried to dissect human mind, human psyche, into fragments - that’s why it is called analysis, psychoanalysis. First he dissected the human mind into its constituent parts and destroyed much. Then came Assagioli and he created psychosynthesis. What Freud has done Assagioli tries to undo. He puts parts together again. Freud has destroyed but Assagioli has not been able to revive anything; he cannot.

This will be difficult but it has to be understood - because it will help you to understand the Taoist attitude. Freud does analysis. First he cuts off the limbs of the body and then he spreads all the limbs on the table and examines them. Then comes Assagioli. He puts all the limbs together again, binds them together, glues them together and thinks that now the man is whole. Both are wrong. Once you have killed something you cannot put it together. Life is so precious that once gone, it is gone forever. You cannot put it together.

If somebody takes all the petals of the rose apart and then Assagioli comes and puts all the petals together, pins them together and says that now it is a real flower, he is wrong. It is not the real flower. It only gives a false idea of unity. The unity is not there because the pins that are holding it were never part of it; the glue that is holding it was never a part of an alive rose. The alive rose was holding itself together - remember it. It was not being held together by something else, it was not dependent for its unity on something else, it was holding itself together. That is the spirit that keeps you together, that holds you together. It is not that your hands and your legs and your eyes are put together, no. Something in you exists which is keeping them together. Once that unity is destroyed even if you put things back it will not be the real unity.

So I am not in favor of Freud’s analysis, neither am I in favor of Assagioli’s synthesis. My attitude is exactly that of Tao.

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