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Chapter 6: Symphony for a Seabird

Remember: the whole of morality is nothing but traffic rules. You live in a society; you are not alone there, there are many others. Certain rules have to be followed, but they are not ultimate, they have nothing of ultimacy in them. They are just like walking on the left. In America you walk on the right - no problem. If the rule is followed, keep to the right, it is okay. If the rule is followed, keep to the left, it is also okay. Both are the same but one has to be followed. If you have both the rules then there will be traffic jams and there will be difficulty - unnecessary difficulty.

When you live with others, life has to follow certain rules. Those rules are neither religious, nor moral, nor divine; they are just man-made. One has to be aware of this, one has to know their relativity; they are formal.

You need not break all the rules, there is no need, because then you will be in unnecessary trouble, and rather than becoming a sannyasin you will become a criminal. Remember that! A sannyasin is not a soldier, a sannyasin is not a criminal; a sannyasin knows that rules are just a game. He is not against them, he transcends them, he goes beyond them, he keeps himself free of them. He follows them for others but he doesn’t become an automaton. He remains conscious and fully alert.

Consciousness is the goal. That is why Chuang Tzu says:

Hence the wise men of old did not lay down one measure for all.

They have not laid down any measures really. They have attempted, through many ways and means, to awaken you. You are so fast asleep - I can hear your snoring! How to awaken you? How to shock you towards awareness? And when you are awake, no rules are needed. Still you follow rules but you know no rules are needed. You don’t become a criminal, you transcend and become a sannyasin.

Enough for today?