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Chapter 13: Session 13

Okay, remove the towel. Ashu, forgive me, because now I have to begin my business, and you can understand that two shirts together on one chest is very difficult for the poor chest, particularly for the poor heart hidden behind the chest. The heart cannot behave in a political or diplomatic way. It is not a diplomat; it is simple and childlike.

I cannot forget Jesus. I remember him more than any Christians in the world. Jesus says, “Blessed are those who are like little children, for theirs is the kingdom of God.” The most important thing to remember here is the word for. In all Jesus’ sayings which start with, “Blessed are those.” and end with “.the kingdom of God” this is the only statement which is unique, because all the other statements say, “Blessed are the humble because they will inherit the kingdom of God.” They are logical and they are promises for the future - the future which does not exist. This is the only statement which says “.for theirs is the kingdom of God”: no future, no rationality, no reason, no promise for profit; just a pure statement of fact, or rather, a simple statement of fact.

I am always impressed by this statement, always amazed. I cannot believe that one can be amazed by the same statement again and again for thirty years.. Yes, for thirty years this statement has been with me, and it always brings a tremble of joy in my heart: “For theirs is the kingdom of God”.so illogical yet so true.

Ashu, I had to tell you to remove the towel because two businesses cannot go together, particularly on one heart. And you have been so good to me every day since I have known you, and when I try to remember when it began it seems as if I have known you forever - I’m not joking. Actually when I think of Ashu I cannot remember when she entered into my world of intimates. It seems she has always been there, sitting by my side, whether as a dental nurse or not. Now she has become an associate editor to Devaraj - that is a great promotion. Now you can have two doctors under you. Is it not great? - you can make them wrestle with each other, and enjoy it!

Now I come to my story.. Before the story it is always good to have a little introductory note, as irrational as possible, because that is exactly the right introduction to the man I am. Sometimes I laugh at myself, not for any reason.because when there is reason, laughter stops.

One can laugh only without reason. Laughter has no relationship with rationality, so once in a while I put away my rationality, and irrationality too - remember they are two sides of the same thing and then I have a really hearty laugh.

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