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Chapter 5: The Moon Never Breaks the Water

Remember that the inner sky

is vaster than the outer.

Blessed are those

who have tasted this inner juice

of pure existence.



Come back.

but don’t leave the experience behind.

Sit down and collect the experience -

the joy of it, the benediction of it.

And remember not to forget.

It has to become a constant breathing,

a heartbeat.

Only then you will feel fulfilled.

Only then you will feel you are not meaningless.

Only then your life is a grandeur.

This grandeur is already there,

just you have to discover it.

Just a few layers of dust -

remove them.

We meditate every evening

simply so that you go on deepening

more and more,

so that the wine becomes older and older.

So that your buddhahood

becomes an absolute certainty.

It is not an argument,

it is an experience.

Can we celebrate the ten thousand buddhas and their gathering here?