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Chapter 9: Be the Formless in You

The father lectured his son on the evils of fisticuffs as a way of settling disputes. “Don’t you know that when you grow up you can’t use your fists to settle an argument?” the father began. “You must begin to use peaceful and amicable means of arriving at a decision. Try to reason things out, try to discover by logic and evidence which is right and abide by the right. Remember that might does not make right. Though the strong may win over the weak, that still does not prove that the weak is wrong.”

“I know, Dad,” said the boy, kicking at the grass. “But this was different.”

“Different, what different? How different? What were you and Johnny arguing about that you had to fight over it?”

“Well, he said he could whip me and I couldn’t whip him, and there was only one way to find out which of us was right.”

It cannot be decided by amicable means. If this is the question: who can whip whom? Then only whipping can decide. Destructive people are always very egoistic because they don’t know how to drop their egos. The creative person knows glimpses of no-ego, of egolessness. He knows states of no-ego. In moments of creativity, he becomes so possessed that he has a taste of something of the beyond. But a destructive person knows no non-ego states; he becomes a crystallized ego.

And then the whole world goes on fighting: Hindus fighting Mohammedans, Mohammedans fighting Hindus, Christians fighting Jews, Jews fighting Christians; the whole world is just a conflict. It could have been a great orchestra, but it is simply a war.

Religion has to become creative - being uncreative should be thought of as the original sin, and being creative should be thought of as the only and the supermost virtue.

Millions of suns
will burst open with brilliance
and the formless in visual forms.

If you are moving in the right direction - receptive, creative, happy, celebrating, loving - millions of suns will burst open. One day you come to your innermost shrine .and the formless in visual forms.

You will see
what cannot be seen
only if you can be
the formless in you.

Remember it: you can see .only if you can be the formless in you. If you want to see the formless you will have to become formless within. Because only when the wave lengths are the same, is there communion. When you are also formless within you, suddenly something clicks and you are one with God. He is formless, you are formless; there cannot be two formlessnesses. There can be millions of forms, but formlessness can only be one.