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Chapter 2: Time Knows Only the Present Tense

Questions from friends.

What is the difference between love and hatred, between good and bad?

They are the two sides of the same coin; there is not much difference. Love can change into hate, hate can change into love. And this change is possible only if they both have the same quality. When you are in love, hate is the repressed part waiting to take revenge. Out of that revengefulness comes jealousy, and all kinds of fights between lovers. Sooner or later the repressed hate is going to destroy the very phenomenon of love. Once you are not lovers, you become enemies. The most difficult thing in this world is to love someone, then to fall out of love and still be friends.

And the same is true about good and evil, God and the devil; they exist together. It is surprising that nobody has taken any note that there are religions which do not believe in a devil but they are also the religions which do not believe in God. They cannot believe in God without a devil. The devil is almost like a shadow of God. There are religions who believe in God and have wanted to destroy the devil for thousands of years. But they cannot destroy him because to destroy the devil would be to destroy God himself.

It will be significant to remember that the word devil comes from a Sanskrit root deva, which means “god”. They are two sides of the same coin, helping each other and nourishing each other, even though they are just pure imagination. Even in imagination you cannot separate them.

What you call good can become evil at any point. What you call evil turns into good. For example, all things that you call evil in peacetime suddenly change their character in wartime. Murder becomes good; the more people you kill, the more you are respected, the more virtue you win. And all that you are doing is evil - the same act in times of peace will send you to jail or even send you to death. And the same act in wartime brings you gold medals, beautiful awards. What is good in peacetime is not good in wartime.

And the strangest thing to be noted is that they are interchangeable. Hence I don’t teach you good, because to teach you good is to teach you evil. I don’t teach you God, because to teach you God is to teach you the devil. I don’t teach you the ordinary love that you know, because it brings hate with it.

There is a totally different kind of love and a totally different kind of good which comes out of meditativeness, which comes out of silence, peacefulness. It is not your act. You don’t follow ten commandments, you don’t follow any holy scripture; you simply follow your own insight.

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