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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

That’s why in the East we call it samsar, the wheel. The world is called ‘the wheel’. Just as when a wheel goes on moving and the same spokes go on turning up and down, up and down, up and down. If your life is like a wheel and the same spokes go on moving, your life will not have any meaning - because meaning arises only when you take a step beyond yourself. And remember this too: if you take a step beyond and then you are stuck there, again meaning disappears.

So meaning is in the new. And if you want to be constantly meaningful, eternally meaningful, then you have to go on growing and growing and growing. If you are stuck anywhere, meaning immediately disappears. Meaning is not in being stuck, meaning is in flow, meaning is in evolving - so remember it. You can get stuck at love; then again meaning disappears, then again you become stale. Then the river is no more moving. Again you will become dirty, flow is lost. And when the river is flowing it is fresh, when the river is not flowing it becomes stagnant.

The same is true about life. If you get stuck at love, again flow is lost. Again you are in a rut. Prayer is needed .and there are higher things than prayer. Prayer is the last that can be defined; prayer is the last that can be talked about - that too, not adequately, but very inadequately. But prayer is the last, the horizon. Not that on the horizon the earth stops; not that on the horizon the sky finishes. The horizon simply shows our limitation: our eyes cannot go beyond it, that’s all. Prayer is the horizon of the libido energy, but it is not the end. There are higher things than prayer, but words don’t exist for those things. When you reach to prayer then you will know that there are higher things than prayer, and growth is eternal.

People are almost dead because they are stuck. They go on seeking the same thing again and again. Watch it. One should be in search of the new. The very search renews you, rejuvenates you. If you have some beautiful experience today, don’t ask again for it tomorrow because now it is meaningless - you have known it, it is finished. Ask for something more, seek for something new, grope for the unfamiliar and the unknown. Go beyond it. It was beautiful but don’t try to repeat it, because repetition kills beauty; repetition makes everything boring. And once you become accustomed to boredom you will become dead. Then you will go on revolving.

I have heard..

It was a gay party. Wine, whiskey and wit flowed freely. An obsequious-looking waiter offered a tray with drinks to a solemn, stern-looking man, obviously a clergyman. The Father looked sternly at him and said, “No thanks, I do not drink.”

The waiter left, but soon enough another appeared on the scene with a second tray. God’s good man gave him a withering glare. “Don’t you know I do not drink at all?” And he added as an afterthought, “I would rather commit adultery than imbibe alcohol.”

Mulla Nasruddin, his neighbor, leisurely sipping his scotch, got up with alacrity, put down the glass and exclaimed, “Good heavens, I’d no idea there was a choice!”

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