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Chapter 8: Not Gospels but Gossips

So Jinesh, don’t be worried. Say no boldly, courageously. Risk everything for the no. Slowly, slowly you will become aware that the no has limits. There are points when you cannot say no. When you explore the possibilities of saying no, you will come across certain spaces where no-saying is impossible and yes arises within your heart on its own accord, not as a conditioning, not because somebody has told you. Now it is your own flowering. And then that yes has beauty, then that yes has truth, that yes makes you a religious person. Otherwise you remain just imitators. You can imitate Christianity or Hinduism or Mohammedanism - it does not matter whom you imitate.

I have seen Christians becoming Hindus, Hindus becoming Christians - they are the same people. Not only that, I have seen Catholics become communists - they still remain the same people. I have seen communists become religious - but still they are the same people. Just the object of worship changes. Gods go on changing. One God fails, another God is replaced - but the worshipper is the same. Whether you worship Mohammed or Marx, Mahavira or Moses, it is not going to make any difference.

If your yes has not come as a growth to you, then it is absolutely useless. Pass through this fire of no-saying, but remember only one thing: don’t let it become a habit. It can become a habit, that is the danger. The danger is not in no-saying. The danger is that your no-saying may become mechanical. So say it consciously, that’s all I can advise you - say it consciously! Just don’t go on saying it because you have become accustomed. That is as foolish as saying yes meaninglessly. If you say it as a habit, it is meaningless.

There are theists and there are atheists, and they are all in the same boat. Somebody has been told from the very beginning that God is - say yes and you will be saved. And somebody has been told there is no God - say no and you are saved. And they both are repeating. Whom you are imitating is irrelevant.

A man entered into a restaurant and ordered a cup of tea. He said, “P-p-please b-bring a cup of tea.”

Another man who was sitting across the table also repeated the same, “P-p-please b-bring a cup of tea.”

The first man looked at the second man in anger but didn’t say anything. Then a third man entered and he asked that he should be brought a cup of tea.

And the second man said, “Yes, bring another cup of tea for me too.”

Now the first man was really angry. He said, “Y-y-y-you have been imitating me!”

And the second man said, “N-n-no. I am imitating HIM.”

But whom are you imitating? Does it matter? Imitation is imitation.

People are imitators. The whole world is full of those imitators. You think those imitators are yea-sayers? You think those imitators are no-sayers? They are not saying anything, they are simply repeating whatsoever they have been told to repeat.

So Jinesh, just remember one thing: don’t let it become a habit. Be conscious of it and you will be immensely benefited.

I have heard:

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