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Chapter 8: Just for Your Sake

So it is just a miracle happening that I go on speaking to you, conveying to you something which cannot be conveyed, expressing something which is inexpressible, saying the unsayable. And you have to forgive many things.

Landers and his girlfriend were dining at the famous House of Hung Lo. Landers said to the waiter, “Bling us some flied lice.”

The waiter left and returned with won ton soup. They ate it, and Landers again said to the waiter, “We want flied lice.”

This time the waiter brought them two orders of egg roll. As the waiter walked away, Landers called loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear, “How about the flied lice?”

The Chinese waiter came back to the table and said, “Can’t you pronounce fried rice, you plick?”

Somehow I am managing.. So if I manage and say “fried rice,” then I slip somewhere else - “you plick,” you have to forgive me.

But everything is a device, remember, and as you get closer and closer to me, more and more subtle devices will be used. The day is not far off when we will be simply sitting in silence and there will be no question of language, words. Get ready for it, because that which I really want to communicate can only be communicated in silence.

Enough for today.