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Chapter 9: Your Politicians Are Responsible

These are all different shapes of violence; your priests are responsible, your politicians are responsible. Do you know what happened in Vietnam? You forced your young people without understanding the fact that these young people are not soldiers as they exist in other countries. They were educated, highly qualified, and you forced them to kill innocent, poor Vietnamese for no reason.

Who are you to interfere in the whole world? You want to put your nose in everywhere? It is Vietnam’s decision whether it wants to be communist or not. And what happened there? Thirty percent of the American soldiers did not kill anybody. They could see that this American violence was absolutely ugly, uncalled for. They could see that the poor Vietnamese have difficulty to arrange even two meals every day and you are bombing them, destroying their houses, burning their houses.

You are burning, destroying, bombing. Many American soldiers went insane for the simple reason that they could not believe that this was what their country stands for. Many of the American soldiers had to be treated psychologically when they came back home; they were so much disturbed they had to be rehabilitated psychologically. They were not like other countries’ soldiers - uneducated, unaware of what is going on - who when they come home, come with great pride. The American soldiers came back home with guilt and, you may know or may not know, many of the soldiers who were in Vietnam have never moved back into American society. They are hiding in jungles and mountains, in Alaska, living a very primitive life.

Many of them have been approached by their families and friends to come back home. They said, “We are finished with home, country, nation, flag, American Constitution, democracy ( all nonsense. Just leave us alone. We would like to live here in complete isolation: at least we will not feel guilty. We will not be forced to do something violent, unnecessarily. Back home, they’re going to put us back into the army, prepare us again for the Third World War. We are not going.”

There are hundreds of young American men who were professors, doctors, engineers, living in the forest like primitive people, in caves. They don’t want to come back to America for the simple reason that this whole society is basically wrong. It is based in violence. Twenty percent of American presidents have been murdered - this is a record, in no other country has this happened. Once in a while a person may be murdered, but not twenty percent of the presidents. And if the president is so much unprotected - remember, the American president is the most protected man in the world - if the most protected man in the world can be killed by his own people, who else can be at ease? Even the president is not at ease: every moment, violence.

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