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Chapter 7: Entering into Your Own Body

Mind can create the illusion so beautifully and so realistically that even reality itself pales down before it, becomes faint, looks unreal. And you have been doing it every night in your dreams. You know, your mind has a faculty - a faculty to create images. Not only to create images but to make them appear so real that again and again you forget. Every night you dream, every morning you come to know that it was a dream and not a reality; and again when you dream the next night, again you become a victim, again you forget that it is a dream, again it looks real, absolutely real.

Even absurdities look real; that which cannot be imagined to be - even that! You are talking to your wife and suddenly your wife turns into a horse. And even then the doubt does not arise. In a dream the doubt never arises. You trust even this. You cannot say, “What nonsense. How can it be?” No, everything is possible in a dream, and your trust is tremendous. In the morning when you are awake, all is gone, and you laugh. And this has been going on for years - again you will fall a victim.

This is the dream faculty of the mind. A part of the mind functions as a projector - just exactly like the projector in the movie house. The projector is hidden behind - you never look at the projector, you don’t even think about the projector. You look at the screen. The screen is empty; the projector goes on. Just a game of light and shadow - and you become so absorbed, you become so lost. You are real and the screen is absolutely false, but you forget yourself, and whatsoever is going on on the screen takes a reality of its own. And you know it is not real, but you go on forgetting again and again.

Sometime, try it in a movie house. It is a good meditation. Just try to remember that it is unreal, that it is unreal. Go on remembering that it is unreal and the screen is empty, and you will be surprised: for a few seconds you can remember; again you have forgotten, again it has become the reality. Whenever you forget yourself, the dream becomes real. Whenever you remember yourself - that “I am real,” you shake yourself - the screen becomes unreal and all that is going on becomes unreal.

Let me put it in this way: the world looks real in the same proportion in which you are unconscious, asleep. The more aware you become, the world becomes more and more unreal.

Even this so-called world becomes unreal, so what to say about your ideas? You project God, you project this and that - heaven and hell. They are all projections. You give them reality by becoming unconscious.

So a man who thinks of God as surrounding him, as everywhere, has started a wrong journey. What will he do? He can only auto-hypnotize himself. This is not going to lead to knowledge, to realization. This is getting into the unreality even deeper than before. This is getting into a sort of neurosis.

That’s why Freud is right when he says that the so-called religions are nothing but collective neuroses. The so-called religions are! Buddha may not have been a neurotic, Jesus may not have been a neurotic, but Christians are, Buddhists are. The difference is Buddha started from within, from inwards, and the Buddhist starts from the idea. Jesus looks into his being, and the Christian looks at Jesus, looks outside. There is the whole difference.

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