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Chapter 58: Go Beyond Karma

You have gathered around yourself such a complex mind that whatsoever is said and given to you, you will complicate it. You will make it more complex, you will make it more difficult. If I say to you, “Surrender,” you will ask, “How?” If I say, “Use techniques,” you will ask, “Techniques? Are not techniques against Tao?” If I say, “No technique is needed; simply surrender and godliness will happen to you,” you will immediately ask, “How?” - your mind.

If I say, “Tao is right here and now: you need not practice anything, you simply take a jump and surrender,” you will say, “How? How can I surrender?” If I give you a technique to answer your “how,” your mind will say, “But is not a method, a technique, a way, against swabhav, against tao? If divinity is my nature, then how can it be achieved through a technique? If it is already there, then the technique is futile, useless. Why waste time with the technique?” Look at this mind!

I remember, once it happened that one man, a father of a young girl, asked composer Leopold Godowsky to come to his house and give an audition to his daughter. She was learning piano. Godowsky came to their house; patiently he heard the girl playing. When the girl finished, the father beamed, and he cried in happiness and asked Godowsky, “Isn’t she wonderful?”

Godowsky is reported to have said, “She is wonderful. She has an amazing technique. I have never heard anyone play such simple pieces with such great difficulty. She has an amazing technique. Playing such simple pieces with such great difficulty, I have never seen anyone do before!”

This is what goes on happening in your mind. Even a simple thing you will make complicated, you will make difficult for yourself. And this is a way of defense, this is a defense measure, because when you create difficulty you need not do it - because first the problem must be solved and then you can do it.

If I say surrender, you ask how. Unless I answer your “how,” how can you surrender? If I give you a technique, your mind immediately creates a new problem. “Why the technique? Swabhav is there, Tao is there, godliness is within you, so why this endeavor, this effort?” Unless this is answered, there is no need to do anything.

Remember, you can go on in this vicious circle continuously for ever and ever. You will have to break it somewhere and come out of it. Be decisive, because only with decision is your humanity born. Only with decision do you become human. Be decisive. If you can surrender, surrender. If you cannot surrender, then don’t create philosophical problems; then use some technique.

In both the ways the surrender will happen to you. If you can surrender right now, it is okay. If you cannot surrender, then pass through techniques - that training is needed. It is needed because of you, not because of swabhav, not because of Tao. Tao needs no training. It is needed because of you. And the techniques will destroy you. You will die through the techniques, and the innermost nature will evolve. You have to be shattered completely. If you can shatter it in a jump - surrender. If you cannot, then piecemeal - through techniques work on it.

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