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Chapter 8: The Man of Enlightened Freedom

you are the buddha, the watcher.



Relax, to make it completely clear that the body is separate, the mind is separate, you are only the witness. In life, in death, everywhere you are a witness.

This witness never dies.

It is your eternity.

This is your buddha.

Remember it - you have only forgotten.

It is not an achievement, it is just a remembrance. Hence it is easy to carry it around the clock doing all kinds of things, actions, gestures.you can still allow a small stream of remembrance that you are a buddha. But remember it is not “as if.”

The buddha is your authentic nature.



Come back, but don’t come the way you have gone in. Come with a new grandeur, with a new grace, with a new bliss.with a taste of your authentic nature.

You have been to your own roots and those roots go deep down into the universe. Now you are becoming acquainted with the path.it will become deeper every day, more and more, as you gather courage, as you start feeling more peace, more silence, more transformation.

Your remembrance of being a buddha will continue, sitting, walking, waking or sleeping. This is the greatest treasure you can find in the universe - this empty heart of the buddha.

Can we celebrate the buddhas’ gathering?