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Chapter 14: Trust Life, Love Life.

Two tramps are lying on adjacent benches. One of them is reading an old newspaper: “It says here in a health report that you can exercise over one hundred muscles when you laugh.”

“That’s typical,” replies his friend, “those health nuts take the fun out of everything.”

.Now even laughter becomes an exercise!

Milarepa, you have the capacity of love, of trust, of creativity. You are showered with all the blessings that are possible. Don’t miss this opportunity. Touching the feet of a master is simply a gesture that “I am ready,” that “from my side there will be no obstruction,” that “I withdraw all defense strategies.” The master won’t have to do anything. By becoming open, dropping all defense strategies, the door has opened. The master was just a remembrance of your own future.

The master has never existed in this sense in the West. Teachers have existed, but a master is not a teacher. A teacher teaches you doctrines, theologies, philosophies; a master simply opens the door of your innocence, of your simplicity, of your ultimate awakening.

The master is not a teacher. The master is simply a remembrance that, “My God, what am I doing? Here is a man surrounded with an aura of beauty and truth; it is not a time to miss. This man reminds me that I can also be in such glory, in such cosmic blissfulness.”

A hotel manager is giving some advice to his staff about how to cope with embarrassing circumstances.

“Suppose one of you enters a room,” he explains, “and finds a lady in a state of undress. Anything you do or say could make matters worse, but there is a simple way out. Just pretend you are shortsighted and say something like, ‘I’m terribly sorry, sir, I’ll come back in a minute.’ That will save her from embarrassment.”

The next morning a young waiter is on duty taking breakfast up to a room. He knocks on the bedroom door and receiving no answer, walks in. There on the bed, a naked couple are indulging in an energetic bout of lovemaking. Suddenly, they sense the waiter’s presence and there is a ghastly silence until the waiter remembers the lecture of the day before. With complete confidence he asks, “Would either of you gentlemen like breakfast?”

Whatever I say to you, don’t interpret it, because every interpretation is misinterpretation. Whatever I say, simply absorb it. Let it become part of your being, and you will never be in such an embarrassing situation.

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