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Chapter 35: Existence Is Only in the Present

The old religions failed because they were all against this world. And this is the only world there is. They were all for renouncing it. And when you are renouncing the world, the question of transforming does not arise - the world has to be condemned. All the religions have been condemning the world.

It is a very strange thing - nobody has even raised the question in five thousand years, that “You say God created the world, and the priest says to renounce the world.” Anybody with just a little intelligence - not much - can see that the priest is against God. God creates the world, and the priest says renounce the world.

I am the first man who is saying to you, “Rejoice in the world.” There is no question of renunciation, there is nothing to be renounced; everything has to be enjoyed to its fullest. Because the old religions were saying, “Renounce the world,” they created a humanity which was sick.

You are part of the world - how can you renounce it? You cannot live even a few moments without breathing the world. You cannot live for a few days without drinking the world. You cannot live a few months without eating the world. You are an intrinsic part of the world, and you are connected every moment with the sun, with the moon, with the ocean, with the trees, with the air, with the earth.

And these people have been teaching for thousands of years, “Renounce the world,” without even taking note that the man who really renounces the world cannot be allowed to breathe, cannot be allowed to drink water, cannot be allowed to eat food, cannot be allowed in any way to be connected with the world. And we are connected in millions of ways, known and unknown.

If the sun suddenly goes dark, gets exhausted, do you think you will be living in darkness? You will be simply dead, not living in darkness, because it is the sun that is giving you warmth every moment. The trees will die, the flowers will not blossom anymore, the birds will not sing - everything will be dead. In some unknown way the sun is your very life, it is your warmth.

Renouncing the world made the human mind very sick. If you try to renounce it, you find it impossible. If you don’t renounce it, you find yourself guilty and a sinner.

The old religions have not been able to transform humanity. They have only been able to make the whole humanity a madhouse. And because we have been listening to them century after century, from the very childhood, even things which are absolutely idiotic have become our conditionings. For example, all the religions teach that celibacy is something spiritual. And I am puzzled: the world is full of scientists, physiologists, chemists, biologists, medical people, and none of them has raised a voice to say that celibacy is an impossibility.

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