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Chapter 11: The Dewdrop Has Disappeared into the Ocean

And it will be a tremendous blessing to humanity if you can create superior parts for the human body, because when somebody dies of a heart attack - life never dies - only his heart has failed; if it can be replaced, he will be again alive. You are in the service of life.

Somebody has a fracture: now, rather than joining the fractured bone, which will never be as strong as it was before, it is better to change the whole bone completely for a new, artificial and better bone. We can make bones which cannot have such accidents.

We can make man capable of changing anything that is not functioning well. There is no need for glasses if eyes can be changed. And there will be real beauty - at the age of seventy, having fresh eyes like a child!

There is no need to feel confused. You are to remember only one single criterion: anything in the service of life is in the service of nature; anything against life is against nature.

And intelligence is nature’s only hope to improve upon itself.

Shiva’s story has beautiful implications. In carrying his dead wife, he is saying that perhaps there may be someone who can change some small part which has gone out of function. He is the first scientist of human engineering.

Third, his love - don’t call it infatuation - his love for his wife simply shows that meditativeness is not against love. A man who created all the methods of meditation, who was perhaps history’s greatest meditator, was still human and had no difficulty in being in love.

All the religions have been teaching just the opposite. They are teaching that you renounce your wife, you renounce your children, you renounce the world, you renounce comforts, you renounce everything that makes your life a joy. Then only can you be saved. They are teaching you suicide; it is not religion. But they have turned millions of people into a gang of suicidal people.

The moment your love dies, many other things also die in you. A man whose love is dead is incapable of seeing beauty in a painting. If he cannot see beauty in a human face, in the face of Cleopatra; if he cannot see beauty in the ultimate expression of existence, what can he see on a canvas? Just a few colors. He cannot see beauty in it.

He whose love is dead cannot compose poetry, because without love his poetry will be simply juiceless. It won’t have life in it. It will be a simple gymnastics of words without any spirit behind it. It will be a corpse of poetry, but not poetry.

A man who cannot love cannot be creative in any sense. Why should he make a beautiful statue of a woman or a man? Why should he make beautiful statues of women in Khajuraho in India?

I am aware of all the best sculptures around the world: nothing is comparable to Khajuraho. Thousands of beautiful women in one temple.and there are thirty temples still in perfect shape. There used to be one hundred temples. Seventy temples are in ruins, but in those ruins also you can find beautiful pieces.

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