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Chapter 7: A Harmony of Love and Renunciation

Look: he loves the world, otherwise the world could not be. But he loves the world, and yet you cannot find him anywhere. He is completely absent; his renunciation is utter. He loves the world - he goes on creating it. He loves tremendously, otherwise why should he create? He cares tremendously, but is so unattached that he never comes in the marketplace to declare, “Look, I am the creator.”

He has no “I.” He is the creator without ever feeling, “I am the creator.” His renunciation is utter, his love is utter.

A sannyasin will be a miniature of God: his love will be total, his renunciation too. And Kabir says:

He who has found both love and renunciation
never descends to death.

He goes beyond death; he becomes deathless. He has attained to the nectar of the divine. He has attained to the elixir. For this elixir, the alchemists all over the world have been searching and searching. This elixir can happen in you. Just one combination is needed, one great synthesis: the synthesis between love and renunciation.

Enough for today.