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Chapter 7: Only the Gold

I have heard about a man who became very famous in Germany - even today his statues are there and some squares and some streets are still named after him. His name was Dr. Daniel Gottlieb Schreber. He was the real founder of Fascism. He died in 1861, but he created the situation for Adolf Hitler to come - of course unknowingly.

This man “.had very pronounced views on how to bring up children. He wrote many books. Those books were translated into many languages. Some of them ran into fifty editions.” His books were loved tremendously, respected tremendously, because his views were not exceptional - his views were very common. He was saying things which everybody has believed down the centuries. He was the spokesman for the ordinary mind, the mediocre mind.

“Hundreds of clubs and societies were set up to perpetuate his thoughts, his ideas, and when he died many statues were installed, many streets were named after him.

“He believed in disciplining children from the time they were six months old” - because he said if you don’t discipline a child when he is six months old you will miss the real opportunity of disciplining him. When a child is very tender and soft, unaware of the ways of the world, make a deep imprint - then he will always follow that imprint. And he will not even be aware that he is being manipulated. He will think he is doing all this of his own will - because when a child is six months old he has no will yet; the will will come later on, and the discipline comes earlier than the will. So the will will always think: This is my own idea.

This is corrupting a child. But all the religions of the world, and all the demagogues, and all the dictatorial people of the world, and all the so-called gurus and the priests - they all have believed in doing this.

This seems to be the basic cause of why man is unhappy - because no man is moving freely, no man is sensing, groping his path with his own consciousness. He has been corrupted at the very root.

But Schreber called it discipline, as all parents call it. “He believed in disciplining children from the time they were six months old in such a way that they would never after question their parents and yet believe that they were acting of their own free will. He wrote that on the first appearance of self-will one has to.” stop it immediately, kill it immediately. When you see the child becoming a person, an individual, you have to destroy the first ray of his individuality immediately - not a single moment should be lost.

When the first appearance of self-will is noticed “.one has to step forward in a positive manner.stern words, threatening gestures, rapping against the bed.bodily admonishments, consistently repeated until the child calms down or falls asleep.

“This treatment was needed only once or twice or at the most thrice,” the doctor told people.

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