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Chapter 4: Desire: The Link with Life

There are not so many desires. Really, there are very few, you go on repeating them. Just count how many desires you have. They are not many - very few. You will not even be able to find enough to count on your fingers. How many desires do you have? Very few! Really, if you look deeply, you may even find that there is only one desire. There are modifications of it, but really only one desire, and the same desire is being repeated continuously. Life after life it is being repeated. You go on repeating and then it begins to seem, it begins to appear, that you are helpless, that the wheel is moving and you cannot do anything. It is not so. You are helpless only because you have forgotten totally that the energy by which the wheel is moving is given by you.

The future is just a repetition because of the past. It is the projected past. You desire the same thing again, and you go on again and again. That’s why I said that past and future are parts of mind, not parts of time. Time is just here and now, the present. If mind is not working, then energy will be here and now, in the moment. lt will move because it is energy, but now the movement will be into the unknown. The “known” is not there at all. Mind is not, so the known is not.

Someone asked Hui-Hai, “How did you achieve? How did you attain?”

Hui-Hai said, “When I became a no-mind then I achieved, then I attained.”

We are minds. That means, tethered to the past. If we can become no-minds, that means untethered to the past. Then the moment is free, fresh, and energy moves - not for something but because it is energy. Remember the difference exactly: it moves not for something; it moves because it is energy.

A river is moving; ordinarily we think it is moving for the sea. How can it know? It is not moving for the sea, it is moving because it is energy. Ultimately, the sea happens to be there; that is another thing. So when you move into the unknown, ultimately you reach to the divine - it happens to be there. If your movement is pure, you reach it.

The river goes on moving without knowing, without any map. The past cannot supply the map because the river is not going to move on the past tracks again, so every step is into the unknown and where it is going there is no way to know. It is not moving because of any desire, it is not moving for something. The future is unknown - just unknown, dark. It moves. Why does it move? It moves because it is energy.

A seed is moving, a tree is growing, stars are moving. Why do they move? Have they to reach somewhere? - no. They move because they are energy; pure energy is moving. Because pure energy cannot do anything else, it moves. So when you become just pure energy - not mind, but no-mind energy - you move; and then every step is just into the unknown. Then life becomes a bliss, it becomes ecstatic, because the old is never repeated again. Never again will the morning be the same, never again this moment. Now it is a sensation, a thrill every time. This thrill creates Meera’s dance; this thrill creates Chaitanya’s singing; with this thrill, every moment something new is bursting, exploding. A buddha is never bored. He looks fresh.

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