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Chapter 10: The Treasure of One’s Own Experience

Expression of thought and freedom of speech are the basic foundations of democracy. Anyone is free to agree with or oppose your statements. But as it is, people oppose you and they do not want to give you the freedom to carry on with your work. Why is this so?

The same cup destroyed the illusions of both:
The drunkards went to the mosque, the priest to the pub.

If you open your eyes and see just how much illusion and how much reality resides in what we call life and all the values we are so proud of, you can’t help but be shocked.

Such lies have been propagated in the name of democracy, and for so long in this world, that we miss the point that there is a need to rethink their reality. It is said that democracy is “of the people, by the people and for the people” - and even such a great lie starts to appear as truth after having been repeated so many times.

Adolf Hitler used to say: “I have found only one difference between truth and lies, and that is of repetition. A lie is a new truth that has not yet been repeated and truth is an old lie - traditional - that has been repeated for centuries, generation after generation.”

There is an element of some truth in his statement, because in no country is there a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” And these lies are very lovely, very sweet - but they are certainly poisonous. And although they are poisonous, hundreds of millions of people drink them very happily. And those who publicize these lies as truths, rule. They are the government: the government is for them, the government is by them - although they say that they are the servants of the people.

But it is a very strange world. Here, the people called “the servants of the people” are sitting over the people as if they are the masters. Yes, of course they are required to repeat the lie once again after five years; once again they must come to the doors of people and say, “We are your servants.” Once your vote is cast in his favor, this same person who had come to you like a beggar.even the door man at his office will not let you in. You will not even be allowed to meet the man!

This is a strange kind of service to the people. The people are dying of hunger - every day the people go on falling into more and more discomfort and suffering - but the servants of this same public are living in luxury. Let them live in enjoyment and pleasures, let them have their revelry. My objection is not about that. My objection is about their lies.

You have said, “Expression of thought and freedom of speech are the basic foundations of democracy.”

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