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Chapter 2: A Small Candle Is Enough

Friendship is not something of the marketplace. Friendship is one of those rare things which belong to the temple and not to the shop. But you are not aware of that kind of friendship; you will have to learn it.

Friendship is a great art. Love has a natural instinct behind it; friendship has no natural instinct behind it. Friendship is something conscious; love is unconscious.

You fall in love with a woman, and we say, “You have fallen in love.” That phrase is significant: “falling in love.” Nobody ever rises in love, everybody falls in love! Why do you fall in love? - because it is falling from the conscious to the unconscious, from intelligence to instinct.

What we call love is more animalistic than human. Friendship is absolutely human, it has something for which there is no inbuilt mechanism in your biology; it is non-biological; hence one rises in friendship, one does not fall in friendship. It has a spiritual dimension.

But don’t ask, “Who is a real friend?” Ask, “Am I a real friend?” Always be concerned with yourself. We are always thinking about others. The man asks whether the woman really loves him or not. The woman asks whether the man really loves her or not. And how can you be absolutely certain about the other? It is impossible. He may repeat a thousand times that he loves you and he will love you forever, but still the doubt is bound to persist whether he is speaking the truth or not. In fact, repeating something a thousand times simply means it must be a lie, because truth need not be repeated so often.

Adolf Hitler in his autobiography says, “There is not much difference between truth and a lie. The only difference is that truth is a lie repeated so often that you have forgotten that it is a lie.”

That’s what experts in advertising will say: go on repeating, go on advertising. Don’t be worried about whether anybody is listening or not. Even if they are not paying any attention, don’t be worried; their subliminal minds are listening, their deepest core is being impressed. You don’t look at advertisements very consciously, but just passing by them in the movie, on TV or in the newspaper, just a glance and there is an imprint. And it is going to be repeated again: “Lux toilet soap” or “Coca-Cola.”

Coca-Cola is the only international thing. Even in Russia there is “Coca-Cola.” Everything American is banned and barred, but not Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the only international thing. Go on repeating it.

In the beginning the electricity used for advertisements was static electricity. It remained “Coca-Cola.” But later on they discovered that if you put it on and off it is far more effective, because a man passing by will read it only once if the light remains static. But if it changes, goes on and off again and again, by the time you pass it, even in a car, you will have read it at least five to seven times: “Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola.” That goes deeper, and sooner or later you become impressed.