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Chapter 5: Be Ready

You’ve raised a lot of consciousness, I know. I can predict that already from what we’ve talked about here. Are you serious about it all, or is it all just one big joke?

Not serious at all. It is all a big joke. Seriousness is not my business at all. I am an absolutely non-serious person, enjoying the small things of life, unconcerned about the next moment. I have lived my whole life this way and I don’t repent, I don’t feel that I have missed anything.

Perhaps a final message to the people in Western Australia about you, about what they’re going to hear from you in the future, and perhaps what they’re going to see from you?

Nothing can be said about the future, but they will see some great circus, certainly.



Thank you for agreeing to appear on the program.

I was glad to talk to you.

It’s been a pleasure.

Come again and again whenever you can, and tell the people there that I am coming.