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Chapter 3: Drunk with Boundless Youth

O blessed women, sing the wedding songs!
I’ve come home with lord Ram, my beloved.

Body, mind, the five elements,
all loved and offered in welcome.
Ram has come to live with me
and I’m drunk with boundless youth.

The body a pool of Vedas
Brahma himself recites!
United with ram - round and round.
How fortunate am I!

Gods arrive in millions
and sages in thousands.
Says Kabir: I’m to wed.
And the man’s immortal!

Life is a preparation. And the preparation continues every moment. You may or may not be aware of it, but you are moving towards a very great festival. At times you will fall, but you will get up again; at times you will lose your way, but you will find your path again. There is some very powerful destiny, some tremendous pull continuously drawing you towards this great celebration. Something is going to happen to you. In fact, something is already happening to you.

You feel incomplete within, but this is because you are a seed. The seed is groping in the dark, trying to push its way through the earth. The seed breaks through stones, passes through layers of soil and surmounts all obstacles in its upward path towards the sun. But it has no knowledge of what it is doing. If you ask it, “What are you doing? Where are you going?” it will not be able to give you an answer. There is some instinct within it that directs its course. It must reach the sun; it has to touch the sky. There is no other goal. Unless it sees the sun it will never bear flowers; there will never be any celebration in its life.

The tree grows onwards and upwards, spreading its branches to the sky and, when it has done its utmost, flowers bloom. After a time the flowers fall to the ground and become seeds again. Then the same journey begins all over. This kind of repetition is to be found in the life of a tree. The same cycle is present in all of nature.

Man, on the other hand, has evolved to the point where, if he becomes conscious, there is no repetition. But if he remains asleep and unconscious the repetitive cycle will go on and on.

There are a few things that must be understood. Firstly, this infinite universe you see about you, this sun, moon, stars and planets, is not without cause. This whole evolving system exists within a great framework, within a great destiny. Just as flowers are hidden in a tiny seed and bloom from that seed, the potentiality of God’s flowering is hidden in the vast universe. Everything in it is moving towards his flowering, towards his manifestation. Everyone is moving towards this, sinner and saint. Some will be tardy and some will be on time, but it will not make much difference in the end.

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