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Chapter 20: Without Ice Cream No Love is Complete

She said, “You know so much! Yes, it is true. Every night when everybody is asleep I read them again and again. He writes such beautiful things, so nice - and he looks beautiful.”

I said, “Then what is the problem?”

The problem is that society is not providing proper guidance for what you should do, and it is one of the most fundamental problems of man’s life: his sexuality, his love. Somehow he has to learn how to rise above biology. Biology remains a part - I am not against biology, but biology is very mediocre and ordinary. Some poetry, some music, some dance - and finally, some ice cream. They are absolutely needed.

Mayoori, give poor Niskriya a try - he was immensely happy when he saw you approaching him.

The world has been teaching girls: You should run away and allow the boys to chase you. But don’t run away so fast that they lose hope. Run away and then wait. Let them come closer and then run away and wait.finally to be caught.. It is just to give you a sense that you are responsible for whatever happens afterwards. Because the girl was running away, you chased her, you caught her. And in fact the truth is that she is managing it so that you can chase her. She is managing it so that you can catch her. So she remains higher than you and she will remind you again and again, “I was not after you, you were after me.”

But there is no need for chasing and being caught. People should be more understanding and approach each other saying, “I have something in my heart that starts dancing when I come close to you. If you also have something of the same perhaps we can have a few days.” And life is not so long!

One famous Urdu poem is..

Life consists of four days.

Two are for preparation and two for waiting.

Waiting for what? Preparing for what? In a small life don’t waste time in unnecessary moralities, puritan ideologies, preachers and their teachings.They are all hypocrites.

Be authentic and say to a man or a woman, “I love you. I like your eyes, I like your face.That does not mean that I will like everything of you, but I will try to avoid those things. If you have any sensitivity for me, I am available. I don’t ask for your totality nor should you ask for my totality.”

That’s what you are asking: totality. Poor human beings cannot be total; and things go on changing. Today what seems to be great love, tomorrow will not seem to be so great. And the day after tomorrow, it will be ordinary repetition and you will start looking here and there for how to have that great totality again.

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