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Chapter 18: Shaktipat: The Mysteries of Body-Electricity

In the context of the seventh body, you talked about aum yesterday. There is still a small question on the same subject. Which chakras do “a,” “u” and “m” influence, and how is this helpful to the meditator?

Yesterday I told you a few things about aum. There are a few more things worth knowing in the same context. In the first place, aum is the symbol of the seventh body, an indication of the seventh plane. It is a symbol of the seventh state which cannot be explained by any word. No word can be associated or utilized in connection with it. Thus, a meaningless word was found - a word which has no meaning. This I told you yesterday. The search for this word had been carried out through experiencing the fourth body.

This was not an ordinary search. Actually, when the mind is totally empty, without any clamor of words, without even a ripple of thought, even then the sound of the void remains. The void also speaks, it has its own sounds. Go and stand in a very secluded place where there is not a single sound and you will find that emptiness has its own music. Seclusion has its own kind of sound, and in this silence only the basic notes remain - a-u-m. All our melodies and tunes are developed by permutations and combinations of these basic notes. When all words, all sounds are lost, these basic notes remain.

So aum is the symbol of the seventh state, the seventh body, but this sound has been grasped in the fourth plane. In the emptiness of the mental body the resonance of aum is captured. If the meditator makes use of this aum there can be two results. As I told you before, all planes have two possibilities. The repetition of aum can bring about a state of sleepiness, a state of sleepy trance, such a state can be brought about by repetition of any word. The modulated repetition of any word has the same impact on the mind as gentle strokes on the head that produce drowsiness and sleep.

If this state is brought about by repetition of aum you become lost in a world of dreams and imagery which is the natural potential of the fourth body. It will then be a hypnotic sleep in which you can see whatever you want to see. You can travel to heaven and to hell or have a vision of God, but all this will be in dreams. You can experience bliss, you can experience peace, but all in a dream; nothing will be real.

This usage of aum happens more often, because this is easy. To produce the sound of aum loudly and be lost in it is very easy and enjoyable like pleasant dreams. The quality of the mental plane, as given by nature, is that of imagination and dreams. If the mind wishes to dream it can dream; this enjoyment is possible for it. The other possibility is that of willpower and visions of the divine.

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