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Chapter 5: Freedom and Love: The Center and the Circumference

At first Adolf Hitler was laughed at - people thought, “He is crazy! This is sheer nonsense!” But he was stubborn: he went on hammering, he didn’t listen to their laughter. He was idiotic, he may not have even understood their laughter. He was an imbecile! He continued hammering and finally he was victorious, he convinced people.

That’s how the whole art of advertising exists, just through repetition. When neon lights were discovered and advertisements were put in neon lights - “Lux Toilet Soap” or “Hamam” or something else - in the beginning it was a fixed light, you could read it once. Soon psychologists suggested “Let it be flickering.” It comes on, goes off, comes on, goes off, so by the time a person passes it he will have to read it at least twenty, thirty times - because it goes off, then again it comes on, you have to read it again. So it is better to put it on and off because twenty repetitions, thirty repetitions each time a person passes by, will be more effective. Repeat it on the television, on the radio, in the magazines, in the newspapers; repeat it everywhere. Wherever a person goes, let him come across “Lux Toilet Soap” and soon he is hypnotized. He goes to the market, to the shop, and he starts asking for Lux toilet soap and he believes that he is choosing it. Somebody else has chosen it for him.

All teachings are creating a certain kind of hypnotic state in you. The function of the master is to de-hypnotize you, to de-condition you, to de-program you, so that you can again be innocent like a child, so that you can again function from the state of not-knowing.

A drunkard, staggering home, kept hitting the trees which lined the pavement - once, twice, then again. Finally he stopped where he was and said to himself, “It’s better.hic.if I wait for the parade to finish!”

That’s how Christians are, Hindus are, Mohammedans are: all drunk on certain philosophies which have been repeated continuously. They are seeing things which are not and they are not seeing things which are.

An Irishman was walking along a street pulling a brick along by a string, when Police Constable O’Murray, doing his morning round, saw him and decided to humor him. “Nice dog you’ve got there, sir!” he said.

“Now, bless the Virgin Mary!” replied the Irishman. “You can see that’s not a dog there, Constable, that’s a brick on a string!”

“Oh, sorry, sir!” exclaimed the policeman and walked away.

The Irishman then turned to the brick and whispered, “We really fooled him, Rover, didn’t we?”

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