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Chapter 3: Breaking the Four Seals

Never think that the man who indulges is a happy man - never! He is the most miserable man in the world. How can he be happy? He hopes, he desires happiness, but he never achieves it.

But remember, saying these things Tantra does not propose that you move to the other extreme. Tantra is not saying that you should escape from this world of indulgence. Escaping will again become a mechanical habit. Sitting in a cave, the woman will not be available, but that doesn’t make much difference. If any time the woman does become available the man who has renounced will be more prone to fall than the man who was indulging in the world. Whatsoever you repress becomes very powerful within you.

I have heard..

There was a fireman who was horridly mean both to his wife and his lodger. One night he brought home a splendid pork pie and ate half of it for his supper. His wife and the lodger had to make do with dry bread and cheese. He carefully put the rest of the pie away and they all went to their beds.

In the middle of the night the firebells rang and off the landlord had to run. The wife, stark naked, entered the lodger’s room, shook him awake and said, “He has gone out. Quick! Now is your chance.”

“Are you sure it’s all right?” inquired the lodger.

“Of course! Hurry up, lose no time!”

So the lodger went downstairs and finished the pork pie.

Now that must have been his repression - the pork pie. He must have been dreaming about it, thinking about it, fantasizing about it. The stark naked woman had no attraction for him, but the pork pie..

Remember, whatsoever you repress will become your attraction, will have a magnetic pull on you. The repressed becomes powerful; it gains power out of all proportion.

Listen to this anecdote..

Deep in a beautiful woodland park stood two lovely bronze statues, a boy and a girl posed in attitudes of love and longing. They had stood thus for three hundred years, their arms held out yearningly to each other yet never touching. One day a magician passed by and with compassion said, “I have enough power to give them life for one hour, so I am going to do this. For one hour they will be able to kiss, to touch, to embrace, to make love to each other.”

So the magician waved his magic wand, and immediately the statues leaped off their pedestals and hand in hand ran into the shrubbery.

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