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Chapter 4: Respect and Accept

When he went back, the shankaracharya was very angry. And he said “Take me away from this place immediately!”

The doctor said “What has happened?”

He said “Look! Sannyasins - men and women - holding hands! I cannot remain here a single moment. This is not a holy place! This is against religion and against culture!” He really got very irritated.

The doctor wrote a letter to me “I have never seen him in such anger. He was in a rage, a murderous rage!”

Now where is it coming from? Why should you be worried if a man and woman are holding hands? This is none of your business. They are not forcing you to do anything, they are just going on their way. They have not even looked at you. They are not enraged about you. Why should you be enraged about them?

But about them is not the question.

The repressed sexuality is provoked. Seeing a beautiful woman holding somebody’s hand, jealousy arises. To repress that jealousy, sex starts bubbling up. To repress that sex. one has to be very angry. Only through anger can you repress sex.

People who repress sex become angry. Have you watched it? They become irritated - small things irritate them. They are never at ease, always in anger. Have you seen people who have repressed sex? They become aggressive, and they start finding ways and means to express their aggression. They become politicians, they become money-oriented. They have to find some way out for their aggression. It may be politics, it may be money, it may be some other kind of ambition, but they become very aggressive.

And have you known this too - or not - that if you want to earn money you will have to repress sex? If you don’t repress sex you will not have enough aggression left to fight in the market, to compete with people. If you want to become a great politician you will have to repress sex; otherwise, from where will you find this stupid energy to be a politician? You have to repress sexuality so that energy starts becoming more and more accumulated in you. And finding no natural way, it is ready to go into any way, any channelization where you want it to go.

A man who has-repressed sex is not uninterested in sex - no, not at all. He is more interested than the ordinary man. His whole interest is centered there. He is continuously afraid of sex, afraid of beauty, afraid of bodies, afraid of his dreams. He cannot sleep well, he cannot communicate well because everything reminds him of sex.

And it is not only that women.. If you repress sex toward women long enough you will start turning homosexual. Even men will remind you of sex and nothing else. If camels can remind you of sex, then why not men? People who repress sex are going to have great difficulties, are going to be perverted. Men will remind you.everything by and by will start having a sexual tinge and color.

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