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Chapter 13: The Way of Inner Change

Tomorrow again you will be back in the same world - it will look more ugly compared to the peace that you had attained by reduction, by intoxication, by forgetfulness. Compared to that peace, the world will look even more dangerous, more complex, more scary. And then the only way is: go on increasing the doses of your drug. But that too does not help for long. And this is no way to get out of the dilemma. The dilemma remains, persists.

The only way is to grow towards the divine, the only way is forwards. The only way is to become that which is your potential - the only way is to transform the potential into the actual.

Man is potential godliness, and unless he becomes actual godliness there is no possibility of contentment. People have tried that too: How to become divine? And becoming divine, what to do with the animal? The simplest solution that has appeared again and again down the ages is: repress the animal. It is the same solution; either repress the divine - through violence, through sex, through drugs, forget about the divine; that is one solution - which never succeeds, cannot succeed. In the very nature of things it is bound to fail. Then the second suggestion that comes to the mind is: repress the animal, forget the animal; keep the animal at the back, don’t look at it. Throw it deep down in the basement of your unconscious so you don’t come across it in your daily life, so you don’t see it.

Man thinks almost in the same way as the ostrich. The ostrich thinks if he cannot see the enemy, the enemy does not exist. Hence, when the ostrich encounters the enemy he simply closes his eyes. By closing his eyes he thinks now there is no enemy because he cannot see him.

That’s what has been done down the ages by ninety-nine percent of religious people. In that one percent I leave Buddhas, Krishnas, Kabirs. Ninety-nine percent of religious people have just been doing nothing but an ostrich exercise - an exercise of utter futility. Repress the animal! But you cannot repress the animal because the animal has great energy. It has been your whole past; it is millions and millions of years old. It has deep roots in you; you cannot so easily get rid of it, just by closing your eyes. You are simply being stupid.

And the animal is your base, it is your very foundation. You are born as an animal; you are not different from any other animal. You can be different but you are not - just by being born you don’t become different. Yes, you have a different kind of body, but not very much different. You have a different kind of intelligence, but not very much different. The difference is only of quantity, not of quality.

Now modern research into plants says that even plants are intelligent, sensitive, alert, aware - what to say about animals? A few researchers say that even metals have a kind of intelligence of their own. So the difference between man and the elephant, between man and the dolphin, between man and the monkeys, is not of quality, it is only of quantity, only of degrees. We have a little bit more intelligence, that’s all.

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