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Chapter 10: A Love Affair With the Universe

But pornography is not a natural phenomenon. That has to be reminded again and again: it is a religious phenomenon. Because priests have been so much against sex, man has been repressing it. And when you repress anything too much, it is bound to assert itself into subtle ways, into hidden ways, into such ways that you are not consciously aware what you are doing. It will start moving in your unconscious mind.

Hence the tremendous interest in the woman’s body. Pictures, statues, movies: basically, they are all either directly or indirectly pornographic. Unless there is something of sex in it you are not interested. Sex and murder are essential for a film to succeed, for a story to be read, for a fiction to be enjoyed. Strange! Sex and murder: why are they connected? They are connected: if you repress too much you become murderous. In fact, murdering somebody is a perverted act of sex.

Man wants to enter the body of the woman. If he is not allowed, he will start finding any possible way to enter the other’s body. He will become homosexual. If he cannot find a woman then he will find a man. If he cannot find a man, he will find animals.

If that too becomes difficult then he will start creating rubber women, plastic women which you can keep in your bag so that whenever you need the woman, you just pump her a little. And if there is no possibility at all, he becomes enraged. Sex energy repressed becomes anger, it becomes murderous.

In fact, psychologists say that all our weapons are nothing but symbols, metaphors, for the male genital organ. It is a thrust into the other’s body. Our bayonets, our bullets, our swords, they are nothing but another offshoot of life negative religions.

Now, politicians were also interested in repressing sex for this reason, for this very purpose: if people’s sex is repressed they can easily be made to kill others and be killed by others.

And whole human past has been a history of wars and wars. Out of the past three thousand years we have fought five thousand wars. It seems absolutely insane - five thousand wars in three thousand years - as if we are living here only to kill each other! What has gone wrong with man?

No animal kills any other member of its own species. No lion kills another lion - never. No dog kills another dog - never. It is only man. Why has it happened to man? Because no other animal has the priesthood, the pope, the shankaracharya, etcetera.

No other animal has people like Ayatollah Khomeini. Hearing the news that the Shah is suffering from cancer, this so-called religious man, the head of the Iranian religious people, said, “Insh’allah, God willing, the news is true and the cancer kills him.” And he has issued a statement to the American Iranians: “Kill this man! Cut him into pieces and send those pieces to Iran!”

But this has always been the attitude of the so-called religious - murderous. It is repressed sex. Repressed sex is bound to create troubles for you.

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